Some comments on Chapter 3, Section II     ‘Miracles as True Perception’

Perhaps the best way to go through this section is to start at the last paragraph.  Then it seemed easier for me to go back to the beginning paragraphs and catch a bit of what was being discussed. In it, truth and what we attempt to do to distort it is presented is some very clear ways.

As Jed McKenna says ‘Only truth is true.’  ‘You cannot make untruth true[i].’  No matter what we believe, what someone else tells us to believe, or what some event ‘taught’ us to believe, we cannot turn what we ‘make’ and what we believe into truth.  I can strongly believe everything I think about other people, the government, and religions (for example) to be the truth, but no matter how much ‘faith’ I put into the associations I make about each of these general topics, I cannot make any of it truth.  No matter what attributes I apply to God or truth, I cannot make Him vengeful except in my own beliefs.

The way to correct distortions is to withdraw your faith in them and invest it only in what is true[ii].’  A distortion is anything that is not truth.  All of my beliefs are distortions.  All of my points of view are distortions.  Ultimately consciousness and perception will be seen as distortions. Do we put our faith into distortions? Certainly! I have strong faith in the distortions of guilt, sin and fear, and I have a belief that they are a truth that exists in this world in which we find ourselves.  I have strong faith in the distortions that I exist as a separate entity roaming around in this endless universe, a passing fragile body just trying to survive the universe’s every whim, hammer and grinder.  I have strong faith in all my needs as being absolute and obviously reasonable.  I have strong faith that if I just do, think and believe the right things, peace and joy will be gifted upon me as some reward in the future.  I have faith that through sacrifice and hard work, I can be and can be seen as something special in this world.  All of these distortions I have put my trust and faith in and have believe pretty darn intensely.  It turns out that all of these beliefs and points of view are simply the same distortion repeated over and over with a slightly different coating or spin.  All of these things I must look at to see how I have put them all together, and as I see how I have constructed each and every one, the faith that I have placed in them will simply diminish and be forgotten.

Know that when you get angry at someone or something, you have ‘made’ one more construct based on your belief in the past and added it to your precious learning in hopes of twisting it all into a better future.  Each of these angry episodes when looked at closely consists of a physical impulse, a word in the mind, and a picture in the mind.  It really is just like constructing a sidewalk with concrete.  We know in advance the path we wish to take and explore.  Then on cue from some ‘external’ or ‘internal’ event or person (which the course would call a witness), we add this and that together to form a fearful and falsely stable base on which to describe our relationship with the world, ourselves and others.   And so stable it may seem, that many, even in the depths of suffering, steadfastly hang on to that paper thin concrete ‘base’ they have made, fearful of letting go of even the smallest rock.  Eventually we can learn that all of our beliefs are ‘made-up’ by ourselves, and that each is really made of nothing as it was not created by God.

To withdraw the faith we have placed in what we have made, we must first look at what we have made.  ACIM tells us this over and over again.  Each of us will get to this point of looking at what we have made when we tire of trying to prove there is lack in the universe and that we are a victim of this inherent lack.

As we continue to look at what we have made and start to discard all that is not oriented towards love, we all come closer to true perception. Along the way, we can experience glimpses of our true innocence which will be manifested by joy in this world.  True perception becomes a relative reality as we decide to invest more and more of our faith in seeing that innocence constantly.  For most it will be seen in spurts at first, and eventually it will be experienced as a constant.  And as we see it as the essence of everyone, no matter what they may manifest in form, the draw of its joy will reflect in a further investment in our faith.

Now we can return to the opening paragraphs of this section. ACIM is saying unequivocally that only truth is true, and all other is false, and therefore not real. Also remember that ACIM speaks from the view point of several different levels.  One being our seemingly separated ‘little’ mind level, and another being from our all-encompassing, higher unified mind level. In the first paragraph ACIM is speaking from an expanded point of view. From there, we will clearly see that light and darkness cannot both be truth.  Until then, we can believe that ‘darkness’ is truth and independent of our minds, but this belief cannot make it true.   The belief in ‘darkness’ and the symbolism of thought will disappear as there will be only truth.  Ultimately our only existence is that of truth, but you won’t be running around calling it that.  Truth will just be.  Until then ‘you realize that your thinking will be erratic.[iii]’  This is but a simple exploration into all that we once thought we were, including having some ability to think, until the realization that we are simple and pure awareness watching everything happen.  I have said it many times before, but no matter how much you believe or put faith into your self as a separate individual, you cannot totally cover up the innocence and truth that you ultimately are.  Believing ourselves as a totally separate individual is just exploring what it would be like to have a ‘firm commitment to darkness or nothingness.[iv]

Innocent or true perception means that you never misperceive and always see truly.[v]’  In this world, you will still sense things through the body, but you will know and have a constant experience of underlying content and truth.  This will be the ‘miracle-based frame of reference[vi]as described in paragraph 3.  ‘Lack(ing) confidence in what someone will do[vii] is essentially seeing their ‘sins’ and condemning them as having no truth or innocence as their true nature.  Declaring that something is wrong or lacking in what I am experiencing right now is ‘lacking confidence’ that everything isn’t exactly perfect at this moment.  I am seeing things through lack and certainly not sensing myself as simple, innocent awareness.  I believe that I know what is best for the entire universe at this moment.  I am in the battleground as ACIM will later describe it.

‘Miscreating’ or ‘making’ things to justify my self is inherently a fearful process, and ultimately our fear is a fear of God and truth.  And we have this need to make what we describe as fear as a ‘bad’ feeling, and therefore it is to be avoided at all costs. Thankfully, there is something in each of us that knows that if we allow ‘fear’ to be reinterpreted, we will find that it is a loving message from ourselves merely telling us that we have a belief that is out of alignment with ourselves and with truth.  This feedback can be used as an ‘out of whack’ belief detector, if we will let it become that.

Paragraph 5 is more of a description when our larger minds choose to be of right-mindedness and decide to let all things not aligned with truth disappear.  Our ‘job’ here is to begin the passage home and start to exam what we have made and miscreated in our current lives.  Yes, our entire universe on some level is a miscreation as we perceive it now, but we can decide here and now to look at our fears, our anger, our depressions and see if they are absolutely real, or something that we have put together in order to explore a belief in the lack of love and separation.

Blessings to all,


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